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eSmartChip Solutions was established in November 2012, with the intention of bringing resources and fresh innovative thinking minds together to set new standards for excellence and results. Our small group of highly qualified techies with sound business acumen and strong technical skills, serve hardware and software solutions for the embedded real-time systems market. eSmartChip possesses in-depth expertise and vast experience with real-time embedded systems and development tools. eSmartChip of high tech development tools across varied 8-32 bit processors architectures and microcontrollers. We provide connectivity solutions for Ethernet, Multi Port Serial and Digital I/P, USB and Wireless technologies. We serves a broad range of embedded vertical markets including Automotive, Education, Electronics Design/Manufacturing, Energy, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Semiconductor and Telecom/Dotcom.

eSmartChip Solutions develops and produces wired or wireless Embedded solutions with different technologies, features and capacities. Major products consist of Nurse Calling System, Fire Alarm system and derivatives of PA system technologies. Following the advancements in technology closely and being a pioneer in the technology, eSmartChip Solutions has reinforced this position with Unified embedded Solutions. Consequently, eSmartChip also operates in the visual communication and security systems field, and performs sales and project based applications in the market. We also carry out turn-key projects for the Public and Private Sector organizations by cooperating with some foreign companies. As an electronic systems manufacturer, eSmartChip Solutions mainly operates in the household appliances electronics design and production field in relation with this field of activity.

Our team consists of experts of over 20 years of experience in the

  • Embedded products
  • Microcontrollers such as ATMEL, AVR, PIC, TI
  • Real time operating systems
  • End to End Automation platforms for embedded products.
  • Centered Around MCU & RTOS Based Products
  • Technology focus on Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, RF and IR
  • Highly integrated to MCU and readily available solutions
  • Non RTOS based MCU
  • RTOS based MCU
  • Industry Certified Training Programs
  • Catering Educational institutions and corporate
  • All in one training program in embedded systems & platforms
  • Embedded programming, MCU, RTOS all inclusive training
  • Complete focus on hands on training with real hardware and projects
  • Web based build configurations and ready to use embedded applications for MCUs & RTOS
  • Lab Setup Programs
  • To help schools and colleges
  • Automation Platforms for Embedded Products
  • Building End to End Automation Framework platform
  • Biodegradable products to replace plastic solutions

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